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Ninaatig has taught Anishinaabemowin at the elementary, post-secondary, and community level. He has a passion for creating resources; such as classroom tools, books, and songs. 


Ninaatig is very knowledgeable and it is obviously loves teaching. The classes are packed with information and leaves me with lots to work on and practice. I am very excited to have this information to continue to study and improve my skills.
Brandon N.
I feel more confident with the basic structure of sentences, and I appreciate how more time was spent on "why" sentences are the way they are versus simply memorizing vocabulary. Ninaatig always created time for questions and was motivating throughout the entire process. I would 100% recommend for anyone who is motivated to learn.
Jessica D.
I had such a wonderful time learning from Ninaatig. They were incredibly patient, helpful, and calming. It helped to ease everyone's nerves, and allowed us to feel more comfortable and confident participating and expanding our learning and understanding of the language. There were many "AHA" moments for me. The classes were interesting and engaging!
Jessica Ross
Ninaatig, I don’t know how to begin to describe how helpful your course has been to me! I’ve been learning the language off and on for about two years now and all I really know is how much I don’t know. I had a basic idea of most of the grammar concepts in the course, but to have it all laid out for me (in many different ways – video, charts, explained in the live class, and even songs) really helped me to stop feeling so overwhelmed and just work through the concepts step by step, lesson by lesson. I also really like the format of testing of my knowledge of what I studied through the little quizzes in the live classes. Any beginners who are looking to start understanding Anishinaabemowin grammar should take this course! I can’t wait to practice what I’ve learned in immersion and with fluent speakers. Aapji go miigwech!
Sarah W.